Connect Rockford was first imagined as an invitation to engage neighbors within their unique neighborhoods, for connection, fun, and to come together to solve the problems that were also uniquely theirs. But then Covid-19 forced us all to socially isolate, and a new need for connection was born out of necessity, at a time of crisis. 

city market gathering
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Rockford Kids
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Not every neighbor has internet access, and we can’t rely solely on social media or other digital methods to check in with the people in our neighborhood. To ensure everyone is included, our remedy is as grassroots as it gets: Assign neighborhood captains to go door-to-door, leaving messages and methods of contact, feedback, and care on a consistent basis, to develop a reliable system of support throughout the City of Rockford.


We aim to ensure every neighbor has access to the resources they need to live and thrive. But that’s just the beginning. We know when people develop meaningful connections, they discover common interests, create common services, and work together to solve common problems.

Connect Rockford recognizes no two neighborhoods are the same, and simply provides the framework to help neighbors feel consistently supported, cared for, seen, and heard. How each neighborhood evolves is up to the imaginations and efforts of the people who live there.

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The Steering Committee

The Connect-Rockford Steering Team is here to help keep us on track as we expand neighborhood by neighborhood through the city of Rockford.

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Rockford, Illinois

Barb Chidley

Barb Chidley

Neighborhood Specialist,
for the City of Rockford

Charmaine Logwood

Shelter Care Ministries

Jeremiah Griffin

Jeremiah Griffin


Pastor Griffin is a husband and father of nine children and has been in Rockford for the last fourteen years.  Pastor serves at Halsted Road Baptist Church and Living Stones in northwest Rockford.  Pastor Griffin is involved with several community groups including Northwest Neighbors, a Christian Community Development Corporation in Rockford, Illinois.

Ostella Lockett

Site Coordinator
Rockford Park District

Derricka Davis

Derricka Davis

Community Recreation & Aquatics Manager Rockford park District

Nitro Starling - Rockford, Illinois

Nitro Starling


Nitro always dreamed about living around beautiful trees and winding back roads, and she has found that in the City of Rockford. As a resident for 8 years, Nitro has a great passion for our city. She has faced many challenges in her life, growing up in the Cabrini-Green housing projects of Chicago, a single mother with 3 kids at a young age, yet she was still able to work and finish school. 

    In 2009, Nitro became a Real Estate Agent and in 2012 she studied  Interior Design at the Art Institute of Chicago. Nitro believes that the seed of love has been planted and nurtured within her from the caring of family and neighbors, without whom she would not be the person she is today.  Nitro is ready to share some major love with her neighbors and community.

Danielle Angileri

Danielle Angileri

Executive Director
NAMI Northern Illinois