Our motto at the Rockford Park District is to “help people enjoy life.” We are one team with one goal, working together to achieve our mission, vision, and values. During my 15 years working with the park district, I’ve gained collaborative skills so it’s only natural that I’ve found a place on the Family Friendly Neighborhoods team with the Ready to Learn Initiative. Through communication, collaboration, empathy, and being adaptive in our decisions in this group, I am able to use my leadership skills to form relationships needed to succeed with empowering families. I have formed many of these relationships by working at Lewis Lemon School as a site Coordinator and by being a Director in the past at Fairgrounds Park, as well as a Supervisor at Harkins Pool in 2019. I volunteer at the Family Peace Center, Rock House Kids, and the Crusader Clinic food pantry on Broadway.  In all of these places, I have formed many valuable relationships that can never be replaced. Last but not least, I am also a mother to a 24-year-old, a sister to 2 siblings, and an aunt to many nieces and nephews.